PRIOR has a fantastic friendly environment which helped me enjoy and excel in my studies. Without PRIOR I would not have been able to do Actuarial Studies at Uni.

Mark Pillemer meet us

PRIOR gave me the best guidance and taught me the meaning of persistence. The PRIOR Seven Step System gave me the opportunity to succeed in my studies with confidence.

Johnson Chui meet us

Going to PRIOR helped me get in to Medicine at uni. I know that attending PRIOR was the right decision.

Leah Gorbatov meet us

PRIOR helped me target my weaknesses and strengthen them. Now I’m studying Advanced Science at uni and loving it.

Belinda Chan meet us

PRIOR made learning enjoyable, which gave me the motivation to work and succeed. I went from 70th to 4th in my year in Maths.

Andrew Pennington meet us

PRIOR helped me get the marks that I needed to get in to Commerce/Law, which was my first choice of courses at uni.

Geetika Marwaha meet us

With the confidence that PRIOR gave me in exams, I went from 50th to 11th in my year in 4 Unit Maths. I know that PRIOR helped me get the marks that I needed to get in to my first choice at uni.

Andrew Combes meet us

At PRIOR, the teachers are very helpful and have a positive attitude, which motivated me in my studies.

Kate Burger meet us

After attending PRIOR, my understanding has improved and so have my marks at school.

Mihir Mehta meet us

Now I am confident about the HSC and my life.

Tracey Tan meet us

Prior’s learning environment really helped me feel more confident for my exams.

Ben Leung meet us

I started PRIOR at the start of Year 11 and was coming 25th in Maths at Sydney Grammar School. In the HSC I ranked 1st in the State in 4 unit Maths!

Nathan Chang meet us

Before I joined PRIOR, I was failing maths. Now I am confident in maths, doing well and really enjoying it.

Maree Merillo meet us

I went from 25th to equal 2nd in 4 Unit Maths at North Sydney Boys High School. PRIOR is a really friendly environment and the tutors are fantastic.

Daniel Pillemer meet us

PRIOR unleashed my hidden potential. My ranking jumped from 78th in my year to 7th in 4 Unit Maths. I highly recommend PRIOR to any student who wants to achieve great results in the HSC.

Than Yeng meet us

Thanks to PRIOR, I improved dramatically in Maths. The confidence I gained also motivated me to work hard in my other subjects. PRIOR helped me get into my course at uni.

Andrew Stedman meet us

Prior motivated me to work hard for the HSC. Otherwise I would have left everything to the last minute. I improved enormously in 3 Unit Maths. I was delighted.

Bariza Teh meet us

I improved from 60’s to 90’s in 2 and 3 Unit Maths. This motivated me to succeed in all of my other subjects.

Amy Held meet us

I went from 100th to 4th in 2 Unit Maths at Sydney Grammar School! In the HSC I came 8th in NSW in maths. I got into Arts/Law at uni, thanks to PRIOR.

Warwick Mancini meet us