HSC Mathematics Extension 1


If your child is studying HSC Mathematics Extension 1, they will be assessed on the contents of both the HSC Mathematics Advanced Course (worth 2 units) and the Extension 1 course (worth 1 unit). They will also sit two Mathematics exams for both their trials and the external HSC. The HSC Mathematics Advanced course provides the foundations for much of the Extension 1 work.

For these reasons, we recommend that Extension 1 students consider enrolling in Package D, described below.

Please note that Package E covers only 1 out of 3 units being examined in HSC Mathematics Extension 1.


Package D
HSC Mathematics Extension 1 classes and workshops plus HSC Mathematics Advanced classes and workshops.

Number of units covered: 3 out of 3

Package E
HSC Mathematics Extension 1 classes and workshops.

Number of units covered: 1 out of 3


PRIOR Weekly Classes
A 2.5 hour class each week, during school terms. Classes progress systematically through all the topics in the course. All classes are taught by Rob Prior.
PRIOR Workshops
Unlimited access to FREE workshops (subject to availability), which run 7 days a week throughout the year, including the April, July and October school holidays. In workshops, your child will receive assistance with PRIOR or school work. PRIOR tutors have exceptional knowledge, superb communication skills and are inspiring role models.
PRIOR Lesson Notes
Comprehensive, easy-to-follow PRIOR lesson notes, which have been researched, developed and constantly updated in accordance with the current NSW Board of Studies syllabus and examinations.
9 PRIOR exams, held at your child’s normal class time, to assess your child’s strengths and weaknesses and provide you with feedback on their progress. Exams are held at your child’s normal class time. Each exam is marked and returned to your child at their class the following week.
PRIOR Homework
Weekly PRIOR homework and marking, to reinforce the work covered in class and further develop your child’s knowledge, understanding and skills.
2017 Commencement
Sunday 4:30pm to 7:00pm, commencing on 5 February.


PRIOR Startup Kit
Includes a detailed PRIOR course summary, 3 PRIOR revision books, a PRIOR Calculus Companion and a storage folder for homework, notes and exams.


Enrol now for 2017 and save!
Term 1 fee: $1650 (if paying term-by-term)
Terms 1, 2 and 3 fees: $4375
Pay in advance for the year and save $875!

Flexible Payment Options
Fees can be paid in advance for the year or by convenient term-by-term instalments.


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