About Us

Create a bright future!

Are you sick and tired of achieving disappointing results in mathematics? We believe that every student has a huge untapped potential in mathematics and, over the past 40 years, we’ve helped literally thousands of students just like you improve from mediocre results to sensational results. Now it’s your turn to achieve the success you truly deserve!

By enrolling in one of our tuition programmes, you will gain:

An understanding of your entire mathematics course for Year 10, 11 or 12

The skills to solve even the most difficult questions

Tremendous confidence in mathematics

Exceptional results at school and in the HSC

Entry into the university course of your choice

Success made easy!

At PRIOR, our mission is to inspire you to gain the knowledge, understanding, skills and confidence to achieve exceptional results in Years 10, 11, 12 and the HSC.

We achieve this by helping you:

Learn all the examinable material in your course

Gain a strong understanding of all the relevant concepts

Acquire powerful techniques to maximise your exam results

Develop a disciplined approach to study

Approach your school exams and HSC feeling confident and prepared

Our Core Values


    We are committed to providing the most effective high school tuition in Australia and cater for students who are aspiring to achieve the best results possible in their studies. Since 1976, we have constantly striven to improve our instructional methods, educational materials and learning environment, to give our students the greatest opportunity to reach their full potential in their studies.


    We make every effort to always deliver what we have promised. Equally, we expect our students and parents to adhere to the conditions of the agreements that they signed at the time of enrolment and any verbal or written agreements made throughout the year. This includes our students making every effort to attend all their booked sessions and meet the scheduled deadlines for the submission and correction of their homework and exams. We have also found that persistence is one of the keys to success… quitting is simply not a way to rise to the top!


    We strive to communicate openly and honestly with our students and their parents at all times. Equally, we expect our students and their parents to always communicate honestly and openly with us. In this way, we can all work together to help our students achieve the very best results possible.


    There is a famous proverb: “Give someone a fish and you will feed them for one meal. Teach them how to fish and they can feed themselves for the rest of their lives.” As this also applies to the learning process, we aim to empower our students to become independent learners. One of the ways we achieve this is through the PRIOR Questioning Technique, a very powerful method that we train all our tutors and teachers to use. This teaches our students how to think for themselves and is one of the distinguishing features that sets PRIOR apart from other tutoring colleges.


    We believe the human potential is infinite and that every student has the potential to achieve results far beyond what they believed possible. We are passionate about helping our students achieve greater self-esteem, fulfilment and sense of purpose. Rob Prior, founder and director of PRIOR Education, is the co-author of the acclaimed personal development book ‘Say Hello To Happiness’, which aims to elevate the reader’s level of happiness and self-esteem. We have helped thousands of students gain greater confidence in themselves, and, as a result, academic results beyond their wildest dreams.


    Who ever said that learning is supposed to be a chore? At PRIOR, we believe that learning should be stimulating, fascinating, fun and inspirational. By making the learning experience engaging and exciting for our students, can you imagine what happens to their level of motivation, understanding, skills and results?